About us

Family Agricultural Company Dražin is located in traditional fishing village Kaštel Kambelovac. For generations inhabitants of this small community have eaten bread with seven crusts’ (Croatian proverb for tough existence), dipped in Kaštel wine and olive oil that recall the craft of salting and marinating fish. Family Dražin also learned skills from their ancestors and Mr. Živko uses these old traditional methods in his fish salting and marinating facility.

Products Fish Dražin offers are high quality products, rightfully labeled as delicacies. They are a result of combining maximum quality, home-made ingredients and traditional preparation.

We always cared about highest quality of our products and we pay special attention on ingredient, process and product control. To ensure the standards we implemented the HACCP system, and we are proud owners of HACCP Quality Certificate. Fish salting is the old way to preserve fish. In old times, salted fish was the main export product from this area. Anchovy and sardines, blue fish, were the most wanted. Today we again discover the value of salted fish and traditional ways of preparing it.
Original basics in innovative combinations with other ingredients make new products of different flavors that can satisfy the most demanding taste.

Fish Dražin is proud to present their products, especially anchovy-stuffed baby peppers, named Pepefish. Other products are also combination of skills and many years long experience in fishing, olive grooming, mediterranean herbs processing, preparing fresh fish from the clean sea in traditional way, preparing other home made products from own production.


Our offer


Pepefiš is a unique combination of marinated anchovies and mini red peppers. Sour – sweet red baby peppers stuffed with rolled anchovy fillet. Peppers are then put in a glass container with olive oil.
The result of this procedure is Pepefish, excellent product that will please even the most demanding taste. Pepefish is served with home-made bread, cheese and wine that will make Pepefish taste even more delicious and provide great gastronomical pleasure.
Pepefiš is a patent protected product on Croatian and international market. Riba Dražin is the only legal owner of the original recipe. Pepefish is original product of Mr. Živko Dražin, frequent presenter of his own products on fairs where he attracts people who want to enjoy home-made traditional products in innovative and very tasty way.

Dražin fish prepares products following traditional recipes:

  • Octopus salad
  • Marinated anchovy fillets
  • Marinated saddle bream fillets
  • Marinated shrimps
  • Cleaned salted anchovies
  • Olives from our own cultivation
  • Capers
  • Capers flowers in oil
  • Sea fennel in vinegar
  • Dried tomatoes
  • Olives stuffed with almonds
  • Fish paté
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